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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 45 reviews
      These are perfect!

      My daughters biggest issue other than her concerns about her voice (while we await meds) is her bottom privates. She isn’t ready yet for more advanced tucking. She might be as she grows but she’s still only 13. The size 8 fits her because she has a tiny waist. It can’t perfectly flatten her but it makes her front look as feminine as she is. If that isn’t clear: women aren’t completely flat either. It definitely isn’t a poker anymore! It does it’s job. The waist band could use a little reinforcement as they do seem to wear down after two or three washes. We loved these so much my mother purchased her another 6 pairs! I’m going to get her two bikini bottoms before summer 2022 so she can swim. My daughter hasn’t found any other compression underwear that gives her the coverage that conceals her nature. If your daughter has a little bit extra in her privates these will still work. My daughters endocrinologist said she is uh “big for her age” and was surprised how much coverage she gets in these. So definitely I know that’s uncomfortable to think about but it’s reality for our daughters that need these. Even if your daughter is advanced in size they will still give her a feminine shape up front without the need to use k tape or something similar. These provide comfort without confusion! I will be back for more as she grows and I bet these even compliment someone who is able to do a proper tuck. So even when she’s ready for that I will be back. Thanks for these live changers.

      Mary Wilkie
      “I love them”

      My daughter now exclusively wears her Rubies- they make her feel confident and comfortable without too much pressure or binding. Having only tried the design for swimwear previously, she recently received an order of daily-wear garments. When I asked her how she likes them compared to the others she said, “I love them! I love them both, they’re so good!”

      Jodi Stiglic
      Daughter loves them

      My 13 year old daughter has no complaints however the material used attracts everything from the dryer. If I was a nice mom I would have lint rolled it but that’s above my pay grade. I would love to see a more sleeker material used.

      Gina King
      Just Brilliant

      Just received our order, my daughter loves them, she said they are so comfortable, I’m heading to the website to order more

      Sharon Ellis
      Ready for Gymnastics

      My granddaughter is in gymnastics and can wear a leotard like the other girls - hers have the boy legs, but are still leotards. I really watched and couldn't notice anything out of place. Thanks! Have already ordered more for her leggings, etc.